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My Dance With Music

When I was seven years old, I started piano lessons... and Music asked me to dance. Strong and steady, she taught me the 12 half steps...helping me find the One...keeping time for me. I knew that Music and I would be lifelong partners...and we danced and danced until I was 18...when I found out I was pregnant and I let go. I stopped dancing. I couldn't hear Music calling out the steps to me anymore and I was lost in the silence.

But when my baby's newborn cries echoed...it was the sweetest sound...and the steady beat of his heart against mine stirred up rhythm...melody soon followed...and Suite no. 1 became the Seven Movement Symphony. Music and I danced and danced.

And then Necessity tapped Music on the shoulder, asking to cut in...

"May I?"and I obliged. Music waltzed away and I tried falling into step with my new partner...because Necessity made sense...but I was two left feet tripping over quarters and I couldn't find my groove. I was off balance and my head was spinning...I could feel myself slipping so I let go... to find my ground and steady my heart.

I needed my old partner back. I searched and searched the room but could not hear her....I thought for sure Music had left.

Then I looked up....and I felt her. There she was...just smiling...patiently waiting.

Is it my turn again? she sang. Yes...it finally is.

Shall we?

~ My Dance With Music, Tara Shannon