Tara Shannon is a Canadian award-winning singer and songwriter from Russell, ON. In 2017, Shannon launched her longly-awaited album Unfinished, which received praise and critical acclaim in Ottawa, Montreal and most notably Nashville where she also performed in the legendary radio station, 650 WSM AM. The album was followed by her single “Love Me Loud” which ranked number 8 in Indie downloads on the DMDS/Yangaroo charts in Canada during the first week after the release, surpassing hit artists Major Lazer.

Alongside her natural talent and dedication to her musical craft, Shannon is also well known for supporting and giving a voice towards local and national charitable campaigns. In 2017, Shannon was presented with the opportunity to write the theme song for BeYou 2017, a campaign made in partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada and Morguard. The opportunity came after seeing Shannon’s involvement with the Butterfly Child project in 2015,  a song she made to raise awareness and funds for Jonathan Pitre, a young Ottawa boy suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Using Shannon’s song as a soundtrack to his cause, Pitre’s incredible story went viral across Ottawa,

For both her musical and charitable endeavours, Shannon has been featured in media across North America including EtalkGlobal’s The Morning ShowCBC’s All in DayCP24 Breakfast, Sirius XM’s Ward and Al, and many more. Shannon also got the opportunity to  host American hit TV show Country Fix in 2017, a CJM Production that airs in more than 100 million households worldwide on networks including Heartland, The Family Channel and more.

Apart from her music, Shannon is a wife and mother to seven children. After taking time off of recording to raise her family and run their companies (Groupe TIF Group Inc) with her husband Dan, she has now returned to music full-time with a mission to produce songs with a purpose in hopes to empower and inspire listeners everywhere. 

Ambassador for DEBRA Canada (in loving memory of Jonathan Pitre)

Ambassador for Be You Girl