Tara Shannon, an award winning singer and songwriter from Russell, ON, is currently making headlines with the release of new music.

They say that timing is everything. And the time is now for Tara Shannon. She had some unfinished business. Twenty years after the singer songwriter was discovered she is releasing her album, Unfinished.

Tara has always had a profound passion for music. From a young age she was singing, songwriting and playing multiple instruments.

In 1997, her strong vocal abilities and songwriting artistry on her first album won the attention of famed Canadian singer songwriter Alanis Morissette’s parents. Alan and Georgia nurtured Tara’s development which then led to a record deal offer.

But the timing just wasn’t right. Tara and her high school sweetheart Dan had three young children which was not very conducive to touring life. So she shifted her focus and entrepreneurial skills to building the TIF Group of Companies together with her husband. It services the transportation industry and is one of the biggest employers in Prescott-Russell in Ontario, Canada where they live with their now 7 children.

Tara never stopped writing and creating music during that time and in 2015 Tara became well-known as a singer/songwriter in Ottawa when she penned Butterfly Child. It sparked international attention for Jonathan Pitre, a boy (and her neighbour) who was suffering with EB, a horrific disease that causes blistering and tearing of the skin. Jonathan went on to be honoured at the NHL Players Awards and was featured on the national sports channel TSN. Jonathan is awaiting a stem-cell transplant paid for, in part, by donations that poured in thanks to Tara’s work. Tara donated all proceeds from the song to her young friend.

In 2016, Tara founded her record label, Willow Sound Records, which mentors young talent and their music artistry.

Now, Tara is releasing her album aptly titled Unfinished with the first single, Love Me Loud in February 2017. The album was produced by Hayley Mclean, a Canadian of Metis descent working in Nashville. The album was recorded in Nashville and Ottawa. To honour Hayley’s indigenous heritage, Tara is donating proceeds from one of the album’s songs to the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition to raise awareness and funds for youth mental health services.

Tara says, “My goal with the first single and the video was twofold, to show that Ottawa can make world class music, and to celebrate the strength of women in a way that is rare in the music industry.”

The time is now for you to get to know Tara Shannon, her strong and inspirational music and her passion for philanthropy… and life.

They say that all good things come to those who wait.

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April 20th – 8pm
D’Arcy McGees (Orleans)

April 22nd – 2pm
St-Laurent Mall

May 14th
Mother’s Day Performance

May 26th – 6pm
Ottawa Race Weekend
President’s Reception

June 3rd – 7pm
Russell Arena
Opening for Andre Philippe Gagnon

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